Growth Teardowns

The place where I nerd out about specific examples of successful PLG growth strategies, motions, and levers. A few are listed here. Subscribe to my newsletter to get more PLG teardowns!

Miro Growth Loop

Miro - Social Viral Macro Growth Loop

Miro's Miroverse is one of the key viral growth loops that propelled itself to be a multi-billion dollar SaaS company.

Twitch Raid - Data Network Effects (DNE) Macro Loop

Twitch's Raid is a viral referral micro loop that is one for the books!

Twitch Raid Growth Loop

Hotjar - The Dual PLG Monetization Loop

Hotjar has a lucrative monetization loop based on usage and features.

Image alt
Softr Growth Teardown

Softr - PLG Acquisition

Softr is the no-code platform everyone needs to know about.

Grammarly - WoM User Adjacent Expansion

How WoM virality led to Grammarly's massive user expansion into schools & universities.

Grammarly Growth Teardown
Image alt

Spotify Wrapped - Viral Growth Acquisition Loop

Spotify Wrapped is a huge revenue driver.

Reforge - Channel Growth Breakdown

Making channels succeed is about marketing-product fits, product-channel fits, market-model fits, and model-channel fits. Reforge is a new channel.

Reforge Channel Fit
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